Ways to Save Money to Pay those Expensive College Costs Greg Lindberg Explains How

Greg Lindberg


College students, who are paying their way through school, take heart! And, for those who are getting help, in total or in part from parent[s] or caregivers, this blog post is for you, too.

As someone who went to college, living off ramen noodles for a time, Greg Lindberg says that now is not the time for undergraduates to feel sorry for themselves. College is not only for studying the humanities and sciences, it is also a time to learn how to be an adult. A key responsibility of being an adult, says Greg Lindberg, is to spend within one’s means.

For the vast majority of college students, money is tight now. No problem, according to Greg Lindberg, because there are plenty of ways to make ends meet while in school.  Here are a few tips, says Greg Lindberg, that will help students get an “A” in savings:

Buy Books Used: Do not buy new textbooks, unless it’s absolutely necessary. There are plenty of online marketplaces where used books can be obtained at a fraction of the price a new one costs. Unless the book is needed for a future course, most students will sell their books when the course is completed. This means big savings, for those willing to look. Plus, the used book may have highlighted sections and written notes, making the learning experience a bit easier.

Look for Free Things to Do on Campus:  Invoices for the semester, usually post fees related to student affairs and activities. These fees pay for various events and programs that colleges provide to give students something to do in their free time. Take advantage of these opportunities, since you already paid for them. It is also a good way to meet other students with similar interests.

Get a Part-time Job: In general, there is no harm in working a few hours a week to earn some money. But, be mindful not to allow the job to affect schoolwork. In addition, a part time job could turn into a full-time summer job or future opportunity down the road. Moreover, a part-time job is a good way to bolster one’s resume with relevant skills, experience that will be beneficial when it comes time to apply for an entry-level job after graduation.


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